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Dragon In The Sky

2009-12-09 02:59:23 by ManOfWood

I opened my eyes to clouds moving very fast over head.
My arms were out streched.
Sitting up I noticed I was on a peninsula, about three miles away from the three borders.
Instead of water, it was more clouds.
Under my hands I felt a rough rocky surface, it was a mixture of green and brown.
Standing up I noticed a mountain behind me cover the fourth angle.
In what seemed a flash, I was standing on the edge looking over the front peninsula.
More clouds, but with a huge circular protrusion from under the cliff.
It was a brownish white and curved under the cliff 3 miles down.
Looking more closely, I was another on the other side.
Listening to the air flying by me, I heard a slow deep rhythm.
Looking more at the shape of the mountains, I saw them curve to two ovals.
And at that moment, they spit up and down at the same time to reveal a shaded gloss of dark green.
It started flying upward which felt like gravity had moved into the mountains.
I tumbled and rolled violently down the peninsula untill I landed in a sticky slim of clear.
Looking up, I was the coulds and sky open up to an abyss of shiny distant diamonds.
Realizing that space can kill me without protection, I decide to jump.
Running as fast as I can in a swamp of eye fluid, I reached the edge.
Without any hesitation to if I ready to jump or not, the momentum threw me over.
What felt like an hour, I saw a green shade to the air below me, I knew the end was coming.
Watching the planet get more clearer and clearer, I surveyed the jungle I was about to fall into.
Forever wide by forever long, it all just became a blur as I didn't hit the ground but kept falling.
Incorporail to the planet, my vision was negated by the dirt around me.
Falling through pockets of water, I felt a mild chill around me.
Finally waking up after feeling the heat of the melted soul of the planet.

Magic Halway

2009-12-09 02:30:42 by ManOfWood

It was like any other day, unique. I woke up from a nightmare. I toke my morning piss. I looked out the window and thought to myself, why was there a window this big in a bathroom? I continued to stare out at nothing untill I saw a figure walk up my drive way. I knocked on the window, zipped up the window, and motioned to her that I would be out in a minute.
I got dressed, if it smelled clean, it was clean. I grabbed my wallet and my phone, rushed out the door after locking it. I ran up to her and hugged her with such force she almost fell, but I picked her up before she did.
An eighteen wheeler pulled into my neighborhood. "Ready to go?" she asked.

The inside of the cab resembled the inside of a H3 exactly. The driver turned around, a middle aged white guy, and introduced himself. "The name's Jason." He put his hand out, I shook it. "I have a little brother named Jason." I said. "Weird." he laughed, he turned around, put both hands on the wheel and whispered to himself something I didn't hear. I went to put my seat belt on but Jason said "I wouldn't, you'll be safer with it off."

"Who are we waiting on and where are we going?" I asked her.
"Mark and Jackey." she said and looked out the window toward her house.
"Can we pick up something on the way, I'm starving." I asked Jason. He didn't reply, it felt like he didn't even hear me.

A women walked up to the front seat, opened the door, leaned around to look my in the eye.
After a second or two, I began to ask her who she was, but she grabbed my head and kissed me. She turned back around and stared out the window too. "Mark isn't coming." she said.
"Well hey, why did you kiss me?" I asked.
"You won't want to know the answer, so I'm doing you a favor by not answering, okay?" she snapped.
"Sure." I sat back and crossed by arms

"Don't worry about her." she said.
"Don't talk about me." Jackey said.
"I can talk about whoever I want, you have no power over what I say about people." she said.

We drove in silence for thirty minutes on the highway. Jason never slowed down or looked away from the distant road.
Another hour went by, we passed through two states.

"I think it's time to turn on the radio." Jackey said.
Mark reached for the radio and turned the knob. Loud static poured through the speakers.
He continued turning the knob louder and louder untill I could hear violin. A solo violin played out of tune in a sinister melody. "What is this?" I asked. "Just listen." Jackey said.
Soon a young girl began to sing. I listened but I couldn't understand a word she was singing.

"Do exactly what I tell you and you will live." Jackey told me.
I wondered what she was talking about but then a white mist floated through the front windsheild. Jason and Jackey ducked under it. It moved slowely so I examined it before ducking under it too. When I sat back up, I felt a lock of hair hit my hand. I felt my hair and noticed a huge chunk of it was missing.
I started to panic, what the hell was happening.

"Stand up." Jackey said.
I stood up and held the front seat so I could stay up. I looked at the seat, a white spike billowed up as mist. I rose four inches up and then went back down.
"Woulda been painful." Jason said.
I opened my mouth to ask what the hell was going on but the young girl stopped singing.
In a panic, Jackey turned the knob back and forth in a search for her.
A white light flashed from outside and we all looked.
In a blur of white light and mist, slashes ran through Jason sending blood in every direction.

The eighteen wheeler ran off the road, off the highway and crashed into some slums below.
The front part of the cab was completely gone and all the tires blew out when the cargo hold hit the ground.
Jason was in peices all over the front seat and dash board.
She paniced and jumped out of the car, Jackey followed her.
I followed Jackey.
Jackey went to the back and opened to the double doors.
She screamed and ran away when she saw the blood and body parts all over the floor and computers.
Jackey climbed in, raised her arms.
In a flash of green light, all the blood and death disappeared.
She ran into a building, I didn't know which girl to follow.
Jackey lowered her hand, I took it.
I climbed into the back and looked around.
The Cargo hold resembled an undercover van with computers, graphs, charts, flashing lights, and four seats bolted to the ground.
Warnings were going off and red lights flashed from the ceiling.

"They weren't supposed to attack, it was supposed to be a training mission for you." Jackey said as she walked to the back and opened a drawer. She digged through it and handed me a strange device with overlapping circles on it.
"Don't turn them, they are set specifically so nothing can pass over into our world."
"Our world?" I asked
I set it down on a computer and it made a clicking noise. I looked at it and the smallest circle began to spin rapidly.
"I'm guessing that's not good." I said

Everything went pitch black.
Faint blue lights lined the corners of the ceiling.
Gravity pulled me to my hands and knees. I felt a smooth velvet carpet on my hands.
A blinding white light came from in front of me and then the blue lights intensified too.
The blue lights turned white and everything came back to a normal visible lighting.
The carpet was red, I was in a hallway, the walls had black and white triangles lining them.
There was no ceiling, the walls just rose up forever.
The carpet beneath me melted into quick sand, I sank into it.
My legs were completely underneath the ground, my hands were let go by the force that brought them down.
I leaned back up. A pale girl with a white dress stood in front of me about ten feet away.
She had to hair and no face.
I almost let out a scream but my mouth coudln't open.
She had a twisted limp but she moved foward untill she stood directly in front of me.
She knelt down.
I heard a voice in my head. "We've been waiting for you."
I turned around to see what was behing me but the hallway just stretched on forever and into complete darkness.
I turned around to look at the girl but she wasn't there. A glass box floated above the ground right in front of my face. It quickly filled with water. The glass disappeared but the water stayed floating. The carpet dragged me like a conveyer belt so my head was in the middle of the water. I held my breath but after a minute, I couldn't handle the pain anymore. Flashbacks of when I was seven ran through my mind. I didn't struggle, I just let it in and thought of something but I don't remember it now.
The End


2009-12-09 02:06:53 by ManOfWood

Who thinks that America can survive and actually do better in this world if credit never existed?